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At Go we undertake all aspects of the residential development process from land acquisition, planning and development to design, construction and sales.

We work with public and private sector partners from landowners, house builders and developers through to local authorities, housing associations and home buyers, creating places that people love and aspire to live.


New Homes

We design and build new homes, creating places for people to live, love and enjoy. Our homes are full of character and quality, and located in thoughtfully planned neighbourhoods where we use materials and landscape design to create attractive and secure environments – places where people can come together and thrive as a community.



Strategic Land

At Go we are always striving to build better places and create better homes. To do this successfully we must identify and secure land which has the potential to fulfil future housing needs and then promote it through the planning system. This forward-thinking planning process provides us with a long term supply of development land.

At Go we have successfully promoted and realised numerous developments and communities working in partnership with landowners to realise maximum development value.


Land Acquisition

Acquiring land for residential-led development is key to our companies’ growth and success. We are renowned for our ability to secure sites with the potential to meet local housing needs and to guide them through the planning process, creating high-quality developments where people aspire to live. To do this we develop a tailored approach specific to each unique site so we are able to secure consents and to plan, design and build places of lasting value that generate value for our partners.

As a privately owned and funded company, we are able to use our financial strength to act quickly and help our partners realise their sites’ potential at the earliest opportunity.


Difficult sites

We are renowned for our ability to restore technically difficult sites. Our determination to realise each site’s potential has meant we have won planning permission on many brownfield sites, achieving consent where others failed.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

We additionally partner with landowners, working together on joint ventures, to create high-quality and mixed-tenure residential developments where people aspire to live.

Our track record of planning, designing and building successful housing developments on greenfield and brownfield sites means we’re the partner of choice when it comes to creating places of lasting quality.

We’ve designed, specified and constructed housing that has enhanced the local environment, created thriving communities where people love to live, and acted as a catalyst for regeneration, all while generating value for our partners.